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Founded by Sekisaka, SARO is a lifestyle brand developed to meet the evolving demands of life in Japan. The brand draws inspiration from the landscape of daily life, from shifts in food culture to the blurring lines between work and home, creating functional products shaped by fresh perspectives. The aim is to address people’s essential needs, without constraining them to a certain way of life.

Building on the Fukui-based company’s history of making, SARO explores the potential of bringing together a variety of specialised manufacturers from throughout Japan. Rather than focusing production in a specific region, the brand seeks out workshops and craftspeople with the expertise that each product requires, regardless of their location. Through its connections with these industry leaders, the brand nurtures the cross-pollination of ideas and reimagines the potential of Japanese-made products.


Art direction: Sebastian Fehr
Text: Ben Davis
Translation: Yuto Miyamoto
Direction: Tatsuhiro Sekisaka (Sekisaka Co., Ltd.)


Sekisaka Co., Ltd
3-22-3, Akasaka-cho
Fukui 9150256 JAPAN

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